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The goal of this Java program is the creation of a virtual Manikin ,as simple and as realistic
as possible, starting from the basis of the computer graphics

You can also modify the position of the source light,moving in a spherical way around ,above and
under the manikin.Also possible to zoom in and out.

The main movements around the joints of the limbs and of the back are implemented,
every pose can be saved in a program specific format to recreate it at will.
It's also possible to save it as a jpg image.

Global screen of the program

Manikin virtual model

Future developments include a quadruped (horse) version of the manikin,now in its early stages.

Do you wanna contribute sending your funny,beautiful or simply curious creations ?
Log-in and open a new tracker in the patches tracker of the project,
load your file as a saved Manikin format.

If approved i will put it as an example in the lib of the program and maybe
your creation will be shown here!

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